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Our First Maple Cookie Slab Coffee Table

This was our first cookie slab table! The gorgeous maple cookie slab was given to us by our dear friend and old neighbor who has been milling wood for the better part of 40 years. It was our centerpiece at the Brew and Art Fest in Gold Beach, OR and was snatched up by a lovely woman who lives in town :)  This piece really motivated us to keep creating since it was so well-received at the art fest. 

The 4" thick slab had some holes and natural cracks that were filled with clear resin to keep the structural integrity up while allowing the wood itself to shine. It was wet sanded to 10,000 grit for a silky smooth finish and then fitted with a 3-pronged maple base. The whole thing was polished with Odie's Oil penetrating oil to protect every nook and cranny.


Large cookie slabs like this are hard to come by. They are a rare beauty so we don't have tables like this often. However, if you are interested in something like this please still reach out and let us know! We can concentrate on finding a special slice of tree just for you.

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