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About Mick and Lan

We are a young couple who found their love of woodworking on the Oregon coast. The forests there are magical and we are so fortunate to have had those beautiful trees to inspire us. We have since moved to the opposite side of the country and are currently located in Gainesville, FL where we have set up a new shop and are closer to Lan's family.

We work with wood that we source from a variety of places to create pieces that we hope you will love as much as we do. Some of the wood we have milled on our own property, some we source from local sawyers, some we reclaim from abandoned spaces and forgotten pieces. With our backgrounds in art, photography, graphic design, mycology, and construction, we try to showcase as many of our passions and skills as we can in our pieces.  We take an eco-conscious approach to our business and use our waste products and scrap materials in our packaging, in growing food, and in making smaller wood crafts. Our goal is to produce high-quality, beautiful art that you can enjoy for a lifetime. ♥

We love making connections with other woodworkers, artists, creators, and the people who appreciate art! Follow us on Instagram or Facebook @RogueAestheticWoodwork.
Or email us at:

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Lan Nguyen

I specialize in resin work, design, artistic layout, photography, screen printing and the online management of our business. If you reach out to contact us it will almost certainly be me you are talking to! 
I really enjoy making tortilla presses, lamps, and other functional pieces of art.

Mick Phelan

I specialize in furniture-building, 3D-renderings on the computer, Japanese-style influenced pieces, and taking on new challenges and projects. I also custom built our shop's interior, use our sawdust to grow mushrooms and carry heavy things for Lan :)

A Final Word

We're really just a couple of goofballs who are so fortunate to have found each other, discover what we love doing, and make that part of our daily lives. The current state of the world, as hard as it can be, also seems to have opened up time for people to tap into their creative sides. We work from our home shop in a remote location way outside of the city where we keep our interactions with others to a bare minimum and new creations are stirring. We're working hard to create a great collection of items to showcase at local art shows and vendor fairs once the Covid-19 threat has left us. 

In the meantime, keep checking out our Etsy shop and thank you for your support!

Contact us with any questions or commissions ♥

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