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For daily maintenance and tortilla making, use parchment paper, wax paper, or a cut open ziplock bag on either side of the dough to keep your tortilla press clean and prevent your tortillas from sticking. If it gets a bit messy, wipe down with a damp cloth. If necessary, scrub with hot soapy water for deep cleanings. Do not soak.

To treat your press, give it a good oiling anywhere from once a month to once a year depending on how often you use it. If it seems to be getting a bit dry then oil away!: 

How to oil:

1. Clean your tortilla press thoroughly: scrub the wood and then wipe it clean. Let it dry.
2. Apply the wax/oil: using a clean soft cloth (or paper towel if you must), apply any of the following treatments to your board: 
    - Odie's Oil
    - raw linseed/flaxseed oil
    - food grade mineral oil
    - beeswax
    - liquid coconut oil (food safe MCT oil)
    - carnauba wax
3. Let it soak in overnight or at least for several hours.
4. Remove the excess: with a soft cloth or towel, buff off the excess so your board doesn't feel damp or sticky.

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We tried a variety of non-toxic finishes and Odie's Oil is our favorite, easy-to-apply, food safe finish. We use it to finish all of our pieces. 

Here are a few ways to clean your new table:

1. In a spray bottle, mix 1 part vinegar with 10 parts water. Spray and clean with a clean terry cotton cloth.

2. Wipe down the table with a bit of soapy water, be sure to rinse and then wipe it dry.

3. Or the Odie's Oil site recommends you can make your own rejuvenating cleaner using Odie’s cleaning concentrate. To do this you can make a mixture that is 50% Odie’s Oil and 50% Odie’s cleaning concentrate, then mix 5% of this with 95% water in a spray bottle. Just spray and wipe. This will clean, refresh, and rejuvenate your finish.

When should you refresh your finish:

You should refresh your finish when you notice it is getting dull. Many customers do not have this happen for many years, but it depends on the use of the piece as to how long it will be before it needs to be refreshed.
When you do need to refresh your finish and bring back your sheen, you simply add one thin layer of original Odie’s oil, buff it in, let it set for about 45 minutes and buff it off completely.  

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