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Cedar Meditation Altar

This commission spurred on a whole new collection of beautiful wood pieces. For this altar, we chose a stunning piece of Eastern red cedar with multi-toned grain to really pop and create something stunning to look at. We used the Golden Ratio while building it to create a balanced effect from top to bottom. There were natural holes in the base of the altar that were filled with clear resin so there was nothing to take away from the vibrant cedar color and honed to create a frosted glass look.
The altar comes apart into two pieces for easier cleaning and shipping. Divots were hand carved into the base to allow the top shelf to sit into when they are put together.
The whole thing was sanded until silky smooth and finished with nontoxic Odie’s Oil.

This piece already has it's forever home but if you'd like something similar, please reach out and we can plan something unique just for you.

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