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Personalized Cherry Coat Rack with Shelf

This wall-mounted coat rack is made from cherry wood and was personalized for a family of 6. The shelf is a solid piece of cherry that was attached with a through-dado joint which you can see on the end of the shelf that has our logo burned onto it. This makes an extremely strong joint that runs along the whole coat rack so there aren't any weak points and the weight is evenly distributed. Cocobolo initials are inlayed above each coat hook for every family member to have their own spot. The whole thing is sanded down smooth and finished with Odie's Oil. The six cast iron metal hooks resemble wooden tree branches to add a bit of whimsy to the piece. The whole coat rack is fitted with two French-cleat style Z-clips on the back. They are designed to hold several hundred pounds, are easy to install, and allow for easy and stable placement and removal of the coat rack.

We can make these coat racks in a variety of different woods and styles. Please email us to let us know if you'd like to commission one.

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