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Maple Aeropress Coffee Stand with Hexagonal Windows

There stands came into creation because of our favorite coffee maker. The Aeropress makes delicious coffee that is somewhere between an espresso and a french press but in just a few minutes and with super easy cleanup. The only catch is that there are lots of pieces to it! We didn't want to keep stacking all the parts on our counter or fish the out of a drawer every morning so we made ourselves one of these beautiful stands to keep on our countertop.

This stand was commissioned for Sabrina and her husband, Alex, who wanted a handmade, wooden piece of art for their new kitchen. Inspired by a bee hive tattoo Alex has, we designed this custom piece with hexagon cutouts on both sides of the stand. Mick took the design and made it come to life using this gorgeous, figured piece of maple. Uniquely shaped notches were hand carved into the sides to hold the scoop and stir paddle and a notched hole at the top allows the funnel to sit in without any rocking around.

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