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Burned Buckeye Burl Underwater Chasm Lamp

This dimmable night lamp was made from a couple of very special pieces of California buckeye burl.  A wonderful artist in Port Orford generously donates his scraps and off-cuts to whoever wants them to create their own art. He suffered the loss of his first workshop in a big fire and these pieces of Buckeye were some of the few survivors.  The charred exterior of the burl makes for a dramatic finish that emphasizes the dark swirls of gray in the wood grain.  

The two pieces of burl were cast in clear resin with gold leaf flakes and gold glitter down the center to represent volcanic activity in an underwater chasm...or wherever your imagination takes you :). This underwater landscape is set into a Myrtlewood base with LED lights illuminating it from below. The lights are attached to a dimmable switch.

These lamps take a lot of work and inspiration so they can't be rushed. Check our store regularly or let us know if you want to be informed when another lamp goes up for sale!

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