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24" Maple and Slate/Purple Resin Lazy Susan

This was a Christmas present for my parents that I finally had a chance to take pictures of! In Asian households it’s common to have a lot of wonderful herbs and condiments to go along with every meal. Lazy Susan’s make the whole experience much easier and way more fun 😊
This piece is 24” in diameter and was made with some lovely warm maple and a slate/periwinkle shiny resin. The base is made from hardwood and the hardware is 12” wide to create a very smooth and sturdy rotation.

There’s a listing on our Etsy shop to commission your own Lazy Susan or feel free to reach out here! We can do a variety of sizes, wood types, and resin colors.

All pieces are lovingly sanded silky smooth and finished with non-toxic, food-safe Odie’s Oil.. The steel hardware spinning mechanism is hidden between a wooden base and this beautiful top to create a very clean look for these centerpieces.

Our Lazy Susan’s can be ordered in 4 different sizes: 13”, 16”, 20”, 24”
Message us or go to our Etsy shop to get a Lazy Susan with your own custom look.

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