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Myrtlewood Aeropress Coffee Stand with Resin Windows

This came into creation because of our favorite coffee maker. The Aeropress makes delicious coffee that is somewhere between an espresso and a french press but in just a few minutes and with super easy cleanup. The only catch is that there are lots of pieces to it! We didn't want to keep stacking all the parts on our counter or fish the out of a drawer every morning so we made this beautiful stand to keep on our countertop. The funnel fits in the hole on top to feed coffee into the mug and the thick Myrtlewood stand is strong and sturdy to withstand the pressure from plunging the press. There is room for 2 mugs and slots for the stir paddle and scoop. 

The windows on the side are resin with alcohol ink designs throughout. We like to play around with different styles and this was a fun one! We can make the stand with different designs, colors, wood types, etc. This stand was made to fit our particular mugs but we can make it fit different size mugs or big enough to house a container of coffee underneath it as well. We are open to different ideas so feel free to reach out if you are interested in a better way to display your coffee friend.


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