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Maple Burl Underwater Cavern Night Lamp

This dimmable night lamp is one of our favorite pieces we have created. Beautiful maple burl pieces are encased in crystal clear resin to replicate an underwater cavern. This is set into a figured maple base all carved from one solid piece. The base was customized to allow for the insertion of an LED bar that plugs into a dimmer switch and can easily be changed after 50,000 hours of use :) or if anything should happen to it. 
Each lamp art piece is completely unique in every way. There will never be two that are the same since the shape and style of the wood pieces often dictate how the arrangement of the piece will be and the scene they inspire.

A lot of work goes into each of these lamps. It's the kind of process you can't rush so keep an eye out on our site and follow us on Instagram to see when the next one comes along. 

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