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Fiddleback Maple Meditation Altar

The curly/fiddleback maple altar ❤️
This was a very special piece of maple we packed and moved from Oregon to Florida with us. It’s rare to find this tiger striping figure and this altar really shows it off.
The ends of the shelves were beveled outwards at a dramatic 20degree angle to create a Japanese temple look that brings your line of sight to the center. The front edges of the shelves have all been hand carved with a spokeshave to bring forth more of that curling in all the different angles and let the rippling water effect really show. Raised tenons on the base and the top of the altar add another element of detail with their smooth, hand-shaped pillow tops.

Like all of our altars, this comes in two parts and the top pedestal sits into hand-carved grooves on the base. The whole piece has been sanded smooth and finished with nontoxic Odie’s Oil.

This piece found its forever home within 2 days of putting it up for sale. If you'd like something similar, please reach out and we can plan something unique just for you.

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